Featured Curriculum



BIBS Changying Campus’s unique holistic curriculum is designed for students aged 6 to 12. It provides a framework of inquiry-based learning which seeks to infuse the international curriculum and the Chinese National Education Program.

As students gain greater knowledge, skills, and abilities they are encouraged to question and use their natural curiosity to drive the learning process. Integrated learning tears down the walls between the classroom and real-life, embracing their understanding of the work in which they live.

As part of our regular education program and commitment to providing a rich Chinese cultural education, Chinese Cultural Activities are scheduled for all students, which include Chinese calligraphy, engraving, Chinese painting, Peking Opera, Chinese folk dance, and Chinese drum. So that students can build strong cultural and national confidence in the process of experiencing and appreciating the beauty of traditional art and culture.

The holistic curriculum at BIBS Changying Campus prepares your children for both international education and Chinese public education.