Welcome Note from the Principal
Welcome Note from the Principal
Welcome Note from the Principal

It is a great honour to be the Principal of BIBS Changying. I have been involved in both K-6 and K-12 schools since the early 1990’s and have had the privilege of serving within numerous leadership roles along the way. I joined Beanstalk Education Group in January 2017 and from my very first visit to this school I knew I had encountered a very warm and caring community, where there was a strong commitment to ensuring that each and every student was well-known, well-loved and well-taught.

As a parent to four children myself, I know all too well the importance of making the right school choice for your children and also how challenging it can be to navigate your way through life with school-aged children. Over the years it has given me great confidence and comfort to know that my children were cared for by experienced professionals each day when they went to school. Similarly, I believe that you too can experience this same kind of comfort and confidence at BIBS Changying.

I also firmly believe that our confidence can be well placed in a bright future for all of our children, from the youngest Kindergarten child through to the eldest High School graduate in the years to come. Our confidence not only rests in the strength of our International Education Group, its extensive years of proven bilingual educational experience but also in the support and strength of our community.

We can be very confident as we join together that a great international bilingual school will be established here in Changying for many generations to come. We are committed to this challenge and to the responsibility of leading our children into the future with integrity and the essential knowledge needed to become leaders and well-equipped global citizens in their own right.

In BIBS Changying, we believe that every child has the ability to learn far more than they ever thought possible. We strive to create a school environment that is engaging and inspires a love of learning. We are committed to ensuring that each student has the opportunity to achieve their own academic personal best in a safe and supportive environment.

We would welcome the opportunity to show parents around our school campus and discuss together why enrolling at BIBS Changying would be a great decision for your whole family.

Nathan Gray